Practice Policies.


We will need you to fully participate in all the activities we provide and a clean bill of health is essential in becoming a professional burlesque dancer.


Practice Policies

Appropriate clothing & footwear required, no street shoes allowed in studios. Please change your shoes before class.

Advanced reservations are recommended

Walk-ins are NOT  welcome in any classes (No Exceptions)

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to class if setup is required

No admittance after 15 minutes into a class for safety

Rehearsals  are subject to change at any time

No spectators allowed in any class

Full participation is required

There is no reward for Perfect Attendance. You are expected to attend and participate 

We  create an environment that allows our members to enjoy the facility in comfort. We ask that everyone adhere to the rules and regulations for the safety of our facilities, our staff, and most of all, our members. If you have any questions please contact Holly Woods 



We request that all members and guests obey a general code of civility and respect the rights of others to enjoy the facilities. Such rights include but are not limited to health, safety, and privacy. We ask that all members and guests use their best efforts to care for the equipment and facilities. I reserve the right to revoke any membership if a member fails to obey all Burly Q's membership rules and regulations.



For the privacy and safety of all members, cell phone use is allowed only during practice. We strongly prohibit the use of cell phones in any other area of the club during performances. Camera phones may not be used in the club during performances.




We strongly recommend that you receive permission from your physician before commencing any exercise program. The staff at

Pole Control Studios is not qualified to give medical advice.


CHANGE IN MEDICAL STATUS It is the member’s responsibility to inform the club Fitness Director of any change in health or medical status during her membership term.


CLEAN EQUIPMENT For the comfort of all the members we recommend for the members to clean all equipment lent to them during practice.


TOWELS We strongly ask our members to leave the towels in the special baskets after they use it.





The club’s facilities and services are provided for the enjoyment of its members and may not be utilized to promote special interests or requests without the permission of the management.

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