What it takes to be great at the 78

The fame, the fortune and glory…wait, what? The sleepless nights, the squabbling cast, the flakey  or injured dancers, the forgetful singers, and don't forget the costume and marketing expenses……ah, to be the producer of a live stage show!

Still wanna be a part of a Resident Live theater burlesque show? It may seem like a daunting task, but you can do it

Get a clear understanding of what we do and who we are before seeking to join us because were NOT just another local Live theater Troop.

Apply to Join. ​

Completely fill out.

Fill out the application including the level of membership you desire in order for us to utilize your skills to the best of our abilities. 


Join us on Face book and Instagram or submit your video entry and get ready for audition.

Come to a Meeting. ​

face to face or facetime.

There are no excuses NOT to show up or as the young kids say turn up for a meeting. Download the zoom app for our online sunday 3pm-4pm. We do NOT record the meetings so you must attend to get the information. Zoom has a timetable of all the meetings minutes. Contact Alexis if you need more information. Rehearsal schedule is subject to change check the schedule on Pole Control Studios site.


and the rest will follow.

Be respectful of sex-workers. Don’t go around claiming sex-worker identity just because you do LARP. It’s different. Second, don’t insult strippers just because being a live theater performer is different from being a stripper. You are not better than a stripper just because you don’t have to take any or all your clothes off, or because you think you are more of an artist, or because you are not “in it for the money,” or whatever you are telling yourself to that effect. We can coexist supportively.

Learn YOUR History. ​

Racism is never funny.

There is a long history of using racist stereotypes in  themes and costumes and music. This is a part of burlesque’s history that we need to depart from. This means, if you’re not of Chinese ancestry, don’t do a “China Doll” number. If you’re not Native American, don’t do a “woo woo woo woo woo cowboys and Indians” number. If you’re not Latina/West Indian, don’t do a “Carmen Miranda”/”island girl” number. And, finally, if you’re not Black, don’t do a “primitive/savage” number, or an “Aunt Jemima” number, or a “ghetto princess” number. You can’t defend this by calling it “classic” or an “update on a classic.” At best, it’s culturally appropriative, at worst, it’s incredibly racist, no matter that you’re “not a racist” or “didn’t mean it that way.” Don’t take advantage of the fact that most burlesque audiences (in New York, anyway) are white (and apathetic/ignorant about racism) to perform your racist act. Just don’t do it. It’s fucked up, it’s not funny, and it’s lazy artistry. As a community of performers, we can and must do better than this.


Craft Night. ​

Bring your Imagination.

How are you going to pay for all of this? Costumes, rehearsal space, mics and amps — they all cost money, and that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to expenses. Are you going to take financial responsibility, or are you going to pass it on for the performers to share? When I started, I worked multiple jobs to be able to financially support the expenses of starting a show. My performers are only responsible for base costuming (fishnets, lashes, etc). I also own every sequin panty and fringe bra; this helps me keep track of costumes. And as a dance instructor, I have been fortunate enough to always have a rehearsal space.


Craft Night are essential to bond and gather ideas and information to make our shows even better.

Craft Night includes:

a Burlesque Movie from our archives

Cocktails and Appetizers

Lots of Hot Glue

Be prepared to have fun



Get Praised to Fund raise. ​

We need Money Honey.

Budgets are not important, they are necessary. In the beginning, your biggest expense might be costumes. For my shows, I'll check costumes at stores, online, and I will search until I find the best deal. One other thing to consider is which store will give you a bigger discount for bulk orders. These are some of the things that the producer, or the leader of the burlesque troupe should consider. Also, look into sponsorships. They're great if you can get em! In sponsorships the relationship should be mutually beneficial; they'll give you a discount or free services/items in exchange for exposure and marketing.


Note: you may find some people supporting the  movement and excited to support us. But you may also find that you have to prove yourself worthy to fulfill the sponsorship relationship before anyone will help you.

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